Friday, September 08, 2006

From the Indie 103.1 website (click on pic)
Steve, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mr. Shovel
(don't the Box boys look so handsome)
Our beloved ChrisWas should be back from his vacation by the 10th - hurry back! It's been a loooong are missed!
September 7
A What's It All About song by Steve Jones

Life is strange
Life is strange it’s so strange
I don’t know where I am
Life is strange stranger than strange

It’s all ways change
It never stays the same
Life is strange too strange for me
Go to the Golden Gate Bridge
and think about it

When you’re young
You don’t have a care in the world
Nothing bothers you
Nothing at all

And then one day you’re older
and it hits you like a ton of bricks
Full of fear, mortgage
and a load of kids

Life is strange
Life is strange
Strange strange strange
Life is strange

What’s it all about
What’s it all about
That is the question
I want to find out
Right now

It ain’t in religion
It ain’t in gambling
It ain’t about shopping
It ain’t about sex
It ain’t about drugs
It ain’t about alcohol
Tell me what it is

It’s all about the big Greenie
The Jean Greenie
The Jean Jean Greenie
a-wonga a-moolah

I wish there was no crime
so you wouldn’t have to buy locks
You wouldn’t need bank doors
You wouldn’t need car alarms
You could throw away your club lock

But that’s unrealistic
Because we wanna get more
The easy way out
We wanna get
That’s what it’s all about

Why can’t we be friends
without an agenda
What do you really want, Mister
I ain’t gonna give ya

I gotta have faith
I gotta have faith
I gotta have faith

Without crime
there’d be no pistols
There’d be no machine guns
and weapons of mass nothing

What’s it all about
What’s it all about
and no Sex Pistols
No no

There’d be no Jerry Lee
The King of Rock and Roll
Oh yeah baby
What we gonna do
Where we gonna go
Where have we been
Who we gonna see
What we gonna do now?

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