Friday, April 07, 2006


Welcome back to chriswasanon - someone still thinks that we defy and posted as much over at Jack's shack...I told 'er I said well blah blah blah I said and er I'll leave it at that!

Gossip news:

None cos to gossip is to validate.

Please make sure that you have Steve Jones in your top 8 - if you have a top 8 - as to not leaves you open wiiiiiiiiiiiide open to having your profile scrutinised.

After scrutiny comes judgement. Not to have Steve Jones in your top 8 is mutiny and the plank awaiteth. He will delete you from his friends.

Other news, we are planning on knocking out some more transcriptions Mclaren, Cook and Scabies convos with Steve Jones on Indie 103.1 will get the teasing Teresa treatment here and be winged in a full format over to Karl's excellent Anarchy in Sweden site gave us a big up too. Thanks Karl!!!! Check my links for Svenska punk rock!

Keep coming back.


Steppin' up well I like this Timothy Leary song Flora, what do you think?

Agreed Flora.

Humpty Dumpty is on deck...


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